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A versatile and visionary artist, Stefano Greco takes piano interpretation to a new frontier. He starts from a philological reading of the musical scores and expresses creative freedom by interpreting the non-coded elements. In order to produce a spirited music, as alive as if it was conceived in the same moment of the performance, Greco transforms himself into the composer. “For Stefano Greco’s sensibility allows him to calibrate sound in a stupefying manner, as if he had invented it within the very moment of execution.” (M. Abbado)

This way only one can witness something truly involving and a new listening experience.

Stefano Greco, pianista

Stefano Greco, pianist

Stefano Greco brings to his interpretations the dedication of a scholar; the curiosity of an explorer concerning the culture from which the music he plays has sprung; and the technical excellence that gives him the freedom to realize his interpretive concepts. “He approaches music like a scientist, realizing on the keyboard a deep interpretative and aesthetic reasoning. […] about the essence of sound, the balancing of perfect geometries, the interlacing of voices, produced with a maturity that comes after the consciousness of so many fugues, preludes, inventions. […]” (La Nuova Sardegna, Daniela Sari)

Specialist in Bach’s music, he has been invited to perform his music in the most prestigious concert halls and in historic events: the Festival of Castleton, created by Lorin Maazel, after Maestro’s death, started the new season with a concert in his memory and honor, in which Greco performed J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations. Ms. Turban Maazel commented: “[…] In the tradition of the grand interpreters such as Glenn Gould, Wilhelm Kempff and Murray Perahia, Stefano Greco has created his own very personal concept while remaining a deeply respectful and true Bach scholar. I am enthusiastic about presenting this extraordinary pianist in Castleton […]”

The Goldberg Variations

Mr. Greco’s performances of the Goldberg Variations reflect his expertise in the music of Bach. Because the work was originally written for a two-keyboard harpsichord, pianists have had to make “adjustments” for the single keyboard piano. Mr. Greco has formulated a way of playing all of the Goldberg Variations without any such adjustments. He has also chosen his tempos based not on personal taste but from a careful analysis of Bach’s writing.

He performed Goldberg Variations in many concerts, among which a tour of the United States, Canada and Japan which brought him to prestigious venues such as the Opera City Concert Hall in Tokyo and Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York. In this occasion, Darrell Rosenbluth wrote: “[…] While following Bach’s score with utmost integrity, Greco’s own personality and take on this music were both striking and intriguing […]”. Just because of the depth of his vision of music, he was recently invited to present and perform the Goldberg Variations for the European Commission in Brussels, at the end of a day entitled “knowledge”.
“This is a new, revived Bach…” (A. Ciccolini).

In the tradition of the grand interpreters such as Glenn Gould, Wilhelm Kempff and Murray Perahia, Stefano Greco has created his own very personal concept while remaining a deeply respectful and true Bach scholar. I am enthusiastic about presenting this extraordinary pianist in Castleton - Dietlinde Turban Maazel

The Art of Fugue

His involvement with J. S. Bach’s unfinished The Art of Fugue brought to light several discoveries, resulting in a conference and concert held in Brussels in January, 2014, and his upcoming book, The Language of J.S. Bach: Enigmas and Their Resolution.

Mr. Greco has performed The Art of Fugue in cities around the world, including Florence, Verona, Los Angeles and New York. Another program, “The Later Art of the Fugue,” presented at London’s Wigmore Hall, included premieres of works by Puccini in Greco’s transcriptions, and by Dinu Lipatti, as edited by Greco.

Mr. Greco inaugurated the series of concerts of the Carnegie Hall Notables in New York; in addition to Carnegie Hall, he performed in London at St. James’s Piccadilly, St. Martin-in-the-Fields and St. John’s, Smith Square; Steinway Halls in London, Munich and New York; and in recital on a seven-city tour of North and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile). He has also made frequent recital, chamber music and concerto appearances in Italy and has performed in Amsterdam, The Hague, Prague, Hamburg, León, Aleppo and Damascus.

In 2016 he interpreted music by Rameau, Debussy and Ravel at Quirinale (the palace of the President of Italian Republic). This concert was live broadcasted for the series “I Concerti del Quirinale” by RAI Radio3.

Media & Records

He has been heard on radio and TV stations such as CNN, RAI International (worldwide), RAI, Radio Vatican, Radio Classica (Italy), Radio Beethoven (Chile), Opus 94 (Mexico), and on David Dubal’s program “Reflections from the Keyboard” in New York.

The recordings Mr. Greco has released include J.S. Bach’s The Art of Fugue; Goldberg Variations; his Wigmore Hall recital program, “The Later Art of the Fugue” and the first truly complete series of the Keyboard Suites of Händel. His editions of J. S. Bach’s works include his transcription of 14 Canons on the First Eight Fundamental Notes of the Aria from Goldberg Variations for solo piano, and the two-piano versions of A Musical Offering and Erbarme dich, mein Gott from the St. Matthew Passion.

This is a new, revived Bach - Aldo Ciccolini

Education & Achievements

After graduating with honors from the Conservatory in Lecce, Italy, where he studied with Antonio Serrano, Mr. Greco won prizes in several Italian piano competitions before continuing his studies with Hector Pell and Aldo Ciccolini. In Ciccolini’s school, Stefano Greco lectured on “The Mechanics of Piano Technique,” “The Golden Section,” “Mathematical Proportions in Music” and “Bach’s Polyphony.” Aldo Ciccolini decided to award Stefano a Graduation with summa cum laude and honorable mention. He studied also with Joaquín Achúcarro at Accademia Chigiana of Siena, and with Alberto Portugheis.

He was Top Winner in the Ibla Grand Prize International Competition — also winning the Bach Special Mention Award — and was prize winner of the Glenn Gould International Piano Competition.


Mr. Greco has taught, lectured and presented master classes at prestigious institutions of higher learning such as Bard College in New York State, California State University and New York University, working with students on repertoire ranging from keyboard music by William Byrd to contemporary works for piano.

His 2014-2015 season included concerts, lectures and master classes in London, Brussels and Rome, where he appeared twice under the auspices of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. In the second of these concerts, held on the 15th of March, he performed the Art of Fugue of J.S. Bach and met with great success.

In this season, he will perform in a melologue for Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome, with Tommaso Ragno as a reciting voice; for the Allentown Symphony Orchestra he will play some piano concertos as a pianist and conductor.

Stefano Greco is the artistic director of the Bach International Clavier Festival, the first concert of which has been held by Bernard Foccroulle (organ), at Cathédrale Saints Michel et Gudule in Brussels, in collaboration with the BoZar Theatre.

Stefano Greco is a Steinway Artist.